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    A Trusted End of lease and House Cleaning Company in Melbourne!

    Professional House Cleaning services in Melbourne, Vacate/End of Lease Cleaning Services Melbourne wide for your help & convenience !

    Do you want your home to be perfectly cleaned and well-organised? Then, you can always count on professionalism and expertise of Melbourne Vacate and Carpet Cleaning to complete this daunting task for you.

    We are a leading, locally owned cleaning company offering the best & affordable cleaning services including- vacate cleaning or house cleaning services Melbourne, carpet steam cleaning, end of lease cleaning Melbourne wide. Engaging our cleaning services will get you experienced cleaners with knowledge & expertise in the cleaning industry. The services we offer are also competitively priced and affordable.

    No matter, whatever your cleaning needs are, our highly trained, skilled and insured cleaners are here to address it all to the higher standards. Furthermore, we are also keen to offer you with specialised & affordable regular or one-off cleaning,upholstery cleaning, carpet cleaning, spring cleaning services. Customer's satisfaction is the most important factor to us because we truly believe in offering best customer oriented services. Once we take the job from your hands, we will return your property perfectly cleaned.

    Try our services once and we will assure you that you will return to us over and over again to fulfill your cleaning needs!

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    End of Lease/Vacate Cleaning Melbourne - 100% Satisfaction guaranteed!

    Packing up your life and relocating into a new home in Melbourne can be an exciting yet stressful time in one's life. On one hand, it's a thrilling opportunity to make new memories and on the other hand, it can be a frustrating and daunting task to get packed, and also it's important to ensure you get an end of lease/bond cleaning/vacate cleaning Melbourne for getting your bond back.

    If you are planning to move out of your rental property and worried about the cleaning & carpet cleaning aspect then rest assured with Melbourne Vacate and Carpet Cleaning! We are the experts in this field and specialize in end of lease cleaning services in Melbourne. We guarantee 100% satisfaction to our clients by offering professional cleaning services at cost-effective prices. Our main motto is to offer cleaning solutions which are flexible, economical and effective.

    To help you with vacate cleaning, we at Melbourne Vacate and Carpet Cleaning also offer best carpet steam cleaning services and upholstery cleaning for fully furnished places. This way you don't have to search around for different quotes from different companies to organize vacate cleaning & carpet steam cleaning for your property. Please email us or call us when you are ready. Our carpet cleaners have over 14 yearsโ€™ of experience in carpet cleaning in Melbourne. They are highly recommended by the real estate agents & backed up by good reviews and great reputation online.

    Give a Home Perfect Cleaning Touch it Deserve With our Vacate Cleaning Melbourne Service!

    Our experienced and skilled professionals will excel beyond your expectations to fulfill all your cleaning and carpet steam cleaning needs. We are here to help with spotless cleaning standards approved by real-estate agent. We will sanitise every corner of your home, including the most challenging areas like kitchen, bathrooms, living areas, bedrooms and other places.
    We believe in first impression is the last impression, that's why our cleaners will leave you smiling with satisfaction every time you call us!!

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    House Cleaning Melbourne Services - To Clean Your Home from the Inside and outside!

    Are you looking for perfect house cleaning company in Melbourne that can give your home love and care that it needs? Then, no need to look further, you are in the right place.
    Enter in completely clean, well-organised and hygienic home every day! Our specialised and expert cleaners are the best in this profession and take great pleasure in cleaning, and providing you with a spick and span home.
    We offer stress-free, thorough, professional house cleaning Melbourne service that you'll feel to suggest to your friends and family!
    With us you will get more time to relax and give your focus on other more important things in life.
    "Cleaning is our passion, so let us do it for you!"

    Vacate Cleaning Melbourne - Just a Phone Call Away!

    Hire Melbourne Vacate and Carpet Cleaning and get benefits from our wide ranging cleaning service in Melbourne. Dial 1800 015 669 to book our services and let us start taking care of your home cleaning needs.
    We feel pride in giving your home a perfect clean it deserves...!!

    We clean to make your life easier! Itโ€™s why we love being the best team of professional cleaners for vacate cleaning Melbourne has to offer.

    Allow Melbourne Vacate and Carpet Cleaning to be your go-to cleaners in Melbourne and youโ€™ll experience a professional, stress-free, completely hygienic bond cleaning process. Our thorough cleaning checklist including carpet cleaning, bathroom cleaning and everything in between, ensures we wonโ€™t miss a thing. To prove our confidence in the expertise of our professional cleaners and vacate cleaning services, we offer a 100% bond back guarantee to every client.

    Our professional team of cleaners provide bond cleaning, carpet steam cleaning, house cleaning and vacate cleaning Melbourne wide.

    Contact our cleaners on 1800 015 669 today for the best professional end of lease cleaning Melbourne has to offer.

    Your highly trusted professional vacate cleaning company in Melbourne.

    Professional Vacate Cleaning Services Melbourne wide for your help & convenience !

    If youโ€™re in search of cleaners to provide professional and expert bond cleaning services in Melbourne, look no further. Cleaning is a tough job, but someone has to do it. Luckily, our team of experienced cleaners love cleaning and our number one aim is making sure our clientโ€™s homes are left sparkling and fresh with not a speck of dust to be found. As a highly trusted cleaning company in Melbourne, our cleaners are dedicated to the art of leaving your home clean, fresh and hygienic!

    We specialise in vacate cleaning, bond cleaning, carpet cleaning, house cleaning, move out cleaning and more. With end of lease cleaning Melbourne wide, youโ€™ll never be caught without professional cleaners when you move home. Whatever your reason for needing professional cleaning in Melbourne, our team of professional cleaners has got you covered.

    When it comes to vacate cleaning Melbourne wide, our bond cleaning process and cleaning methods are second to none. Just ask our clients, theyโ€™ll confirm that weโ€™re one of the best vacate cleaners in Melbourne without hesitation!

    Vacate Cleaning Melbourne!

    Contact us on 1800 015 669 today to book a team of highly professional cleaners.

    You can count on our professionalism and expertise throughout the entire cleaning process and beyond. When we carry out our cleaning services in your home, our number one aim is to ensure that you are 100% happy with our cleaning methods and the outcome of our thorough cleanse of every nook and cranny. Our highly trained, skilled and insured cleaners will put every effort into providing you with only the best professional cleaning solutions. Thereโ€™s a reason why weโ€™re one of the top teams of cleaners for end of lease cleaning Melbourne has to offer.

    Our customers are our number one asset, so our cleaners always strive to provide them with customised cleaning packages that are both affordable and specialised. This includes regular visits from our trusted cleaners or once off cleaning packages for upholstery cleaning, carpet steam cleaning, bond cleaning, vacate cleaning and spring cleaning services. With a team of some of the most experienced vacate cleaners in Melbourne, weโ€™re able to offer professional bond cleaning, carpet cleaning and house cleaning services that youโ€™ll be delighted to recommend to your friends and family.

    Contact Melbourne Vacate and Carpet Cleaning for the best vacate cleaning services in Melbourne, professional carpet cleaning and much, much more! Let our cleaners be your all in one cleaning solutions professionals.

    Hire vacate cleaners in Melbourne through Melbourne Vacate and Carpet Cleaning.

    Bond Cleaning in Melbourne with a 100% Bond Back Guarantee!

    Moving out of one house and into another is such an exciting time! As one of the most trusted vacate cleaning companies in Melbourne our cleaners understand our duty to our clients, new and existing. It is our job to provide professional vacate cleaning services at a time where youโ€™re busy organising a move. We take our bond cleaning services very seriously. You shouldnโ€™t have to stress about making sure your cleaners are doing a good enough job when you need to be focused on coordinating your move.


    • Experienced trained carpet cleaners
    • Police checked
    • Insured
    • Commercial carpet steam cleaning machine used
    • High-quality Australian made certified Biodegradable chemicals used during the carpet cleaning
    • Providing carpet steam cleaning for the end of lease/bond cleaning & also specialising in domestic carpet steam cleaning Melbourne wide

    We do not charge on an hourly basis or per cleaner rate! Quotes are per job basis. Cost varies from property to property. Estimating quote depends upon a lot of factors :
    1)How big the property is?
    2) What type of property you have like single-storey apartment, double-storey apartment, stand-alone unit, house, 3 level property etc. ?
    3) How many bathrooms, toilets, bedrooms, living areas or any additional powder room do you have?
    4) Do you have a balcony and windows that need cleaning?
    5) Do you need carpets to be steam cleaned
    6) How many rooms, hallways, staircases are carpeted? What level the carpets are at?
    7) Condition of the property - price can increase dramatically for properties that are not maintained and are in bad condition
    8) Access to the place - Do you have a lift in the building?
    9) Parking - Do you have free & easy parking

    Please refer to our full vacate cleaning inclusions list by clicking this link
    Vacate cleaning

    Please refer to our โ€œTerms & Conditionsโ€ by clicking this link