There is nothing more appealing about your house than having it in clean & pristine condition, not to mention the numerous health & mental benefits which comes along with it. Performing house cleaning on regular basis is the best way to remove germs & bacteria, dust & mould, pests & clutter. These are very harmful for our well being & can cause asthma & infections. Unclean kitchen surfaces are breathing ground for salmonella and other dangerous bugs. Regular cleaning services are essential for our good health & for our kids. A house which is clean and smells fresh, gives you a sense of satisfaction, no matter where you live in, a large home or a small apartment..

    You can do regular cleaning monthly, fortnightly, weekly or more often as required. We supply our own equipment and cleaning products, arriving on time and fully insured. Taking care of your home as our own providing the best regular cleaning services in Melbourne wide for the benefits of our customers.

    Regular Cleaning Services – Inclusions CHECKLIST

    Whole house cleaning

    • Dust surfaces
    • Dust skirting boards
    • Dust blinds
    • Remove cobwebs
    • Clean mirrors and glass tables
    • Vacuum floors & carpets
    • Mop wood/tiled floors


    • Clean & disinfect surfaces
    • Clean bath
    • Clean shower / shower screens / frames
    • Clean sinks/vanities
    • Clean & Polish mirrors
    • Polish taps
    • Wipe & sanitise sink bench/ platform


    • Clean & disinfect toilets


    • Wipe laundry bench
    • Wipe sink


    • Wipe oven, outside only
    • Wipe stove top
    • Clean & polish splashback
    • Wipe oven, outside only
    • Wipe sink
    • Wipe & sanitise kitchen bench
    We finish with Deodrising of your house. Feel free to contact us for any query. We would love to hear from you!

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