Our carpet cleaner has over 14 years of experience who started as a carpet steam cleaning franchisee in Melbourne many years ago. Moved long way since then, expanding to other cleaning services due to the customers request. However, still retaining the customers for past 14 years and getting referral from their families & friends.

    Fleas are parasites which feed on blood of humans and also animals, including dogs & cats. They can transmit tapeworm larvae which can lead to Murine typhus. Fleas inflict a nasty bite that creates itchy red dots on the skin. Adult fleas are very resilient and can survive even months, without any feeding. Dogs and cats are common flea-carriers. If your pets are left untreated, they can then spread the fleas all around the house including your carpets, mattresses, rugs & couches.

    Clean Carpet

    As a prevention from Fleas infesting your house and affecting your health, it is important to keep your house clean by vacuuming your house regularly, getting carpets steam cleaned, changing bedding often, getting mattress stream cleaned and rugs steam cleaned. Most importantly, wash your pets often and flea treat them with recommended flea control products.

    Carpet is the most common place for fleas to exist alongside with their fur. It has never been easier when it comes to Carpet flea treatment Melbourne because all you have to do is give Melbourne Vacate and Carpet Cleaning a call and the Carpet Flea treatment experts Melbourne will be on their way. Carpets in your property will be assessed and will treat them accordingly.

    The carpet flea control products that we use are naturally/botanically derived Pyrethrum based products which are harmful on Fleas but not harmful on humans.

    If you are moving out of the property and had pets at the premises, it’s very common practice for your real estate agents to ask you to organise an end of lease carpet flea treatment in Melbourne. A receipt needs to be provided which proves that the carpet flea treatment has been done by professional carpet flea treatment experts. Our carpet flea treatment is effective for mild flea infestation.

    Our carpet flea treatment service Melbourne is reasonably priced, please call us to discuss further.


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