Terms & Conditions

    • 1. All the clients who book our services through Internet or over the phone are bound by our Terms & Conditions. It is customer's responsibility to check our list of inclusions and terms & conditions when you book our service.
    • 2. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on quality of cleaning is valid for 7 working days after the job completion. MVACC is not liable for any issue be it cleaning issue or any other issue addressed after 7 days. we do not offer refund.
    • 3. Dirty Properties : For dirty properties, we void satisfaction guarantee and require payment upfront.
    • 4. Quote : The customer has to provide us accurate information about the property at the time of quote. Some properties in bad condition may require extra cleaning time which will increase the price for cleaning.
    • 5. Vacate Clean : 1) As the name suggests, the property has to be all vacant/empty. No rubbish, furniture, dishes or anything else should be left behind. Anything which we can't vacuum with our normal vacuum cleaner is considered Rubbish. 2) For very dirty properties we reserve the right to change the quote to hourly rate, as it can be very difficult to predict how long it may take to bring the property back up to decent standard.
    • 6. No power/electricity/hot water: When cleaning or carpet cleaning if there is no power or proper lighting or hot water in the house then the quality of the job performed can be affected and MVACC will not be liable for that. In this case, our satisfaction guarantee is voided 2) If there is no power when carpet cleaner gets there then the calling charges of $60 will apply.
    • 7. Booking Deposit : In some cases, we might require non - refundable payment or deposit in advance.
    • 8. If you are still moving out when the cleaner gets there then the cleaner will wait outside until you finish the whole moving due to safety regulations. This waiting period will incur charges of $40 per hour on top of the quote.
    • 9. Walls spot cleaning only: Complimentary maximum 30 minutes included in the quote which is usually enough for average size property in average condition. We can provide separate quote for walls in bad condition or if you insist on some more wiping and very particular about every single scuff mark and scratch. We recommend using a painter for damaged & very scratched walls as removing the scuff marks can damage the paint job. We do not clean walking robes/ wardrobes walls. We do not wipe ceilings, wash walls or sugar soap the whole house from top to bottom.
    • 10. Scuff Marks : We do not scrub scruff marks from doors, skirting boards, walls and other timber surfaces as the painted surface can be damaged by doing so.
    • 11 .Fully Furnished : Please notify if you are vacating a fully furnished house or apartment as extra charges will apply for cleaning appliances like Microwave, Fridge etc.
    • 12. Broken/Loose/Damaged : If during cleaning we come across any windows, cupboards, blinds, light fittings, door handles or anything else, broken/damaged, loose with missing screws or rotten, then MVACC do not take any responsibility if something comes off or falls down when cleaning. It is customer's duty to advise us prior to the job if there is anything of such nature.
    • 13. Dirty greasy blinds may need to be cleaned by Professional Blind Cleaning Company. We do dusting only.
    • 14. Light fittings are only dusted. Separate quote can be provided if you would like us to remove light fitting covers and wash/wipe them.
    • 15. If steel fixtures in the property are too old/ scratched / too mouldy then we can be limited with the cleaning and polishing of these fixtures.
    • 16. Window tracks or Exterior sliding door tracks : Separate quote will be provided to clean these, as they are usually very grubby and requires a lot of time to clean.
    • 17. No Outdoor Cleaning: We don’t do any external house cleaning like front door, alfresco, window frames inside and outside, alfrescos, decking areas, courtyards, gardening etc. We can clean small Balcony floor for additional charges
    • 18. Move in Cleaning: MVACC will take non-refundable 50% deposit for moving in cleaning.
    • 19. 48 hrs. notice required for Booking changes or cancellations, else call out fee of $50 will apply. N/A for move in cleaning.
    • 20. Not included in Vacate clean service : Cleaning Curtains, Ceilings, Balconies, Patios, Windows, Window Frames,  Door Tracks & Grout Cleaning(Floor) or any outdoor area. We only vacuum and mop hard floors.
    • 21. Mould :We only clean the mould in showers or bath, but can be limited with mould cleaning if mould has penetrated into the silicon. Separate quote will be given for wiping mold in ceilings, walls etc. We do not specialize in mould removal, you may have to seek professional advice if the house is too mouldy.
    • 22. Oven Cleaning : We do not dismantle( remove glass etc.) ovens . We only clean what is accessible. If the oven has not been cleaned on regular basis then it is not possible to remove all the carbon & grime & achieve 100% cleaning results.
    • 23. Balcony/Outdoor Cleaning: We don't clean any balconies/ outdoor area.
    • 24. Keys : Extra Charges will apply for collection & dropping off of the keys.
    • 25. Access : We will not clean any place which is hard to reach or dangerous to touch. We do not dismantle exhaust fans or air conditioners to clean inside. We do not pull out the dishwashers or ovens to clean behind. We only wipe the dishwashers, we do not clean & dismantle the filters. We only clean what is visible and accessible. Duct cleaning of heating /cooling ducts is a separate service. Please obtain quote from the appropriate duct cleaning companies. We don’t pull out the heavy items from their place like Fridge, oven or dishwasher. We only clean around iwhat is easily accessible.
    • 26. Credit Card Payment: We accept cash and VISA/MasterCard. We require credit card details or full payment in cash in advance, if you are not going to meet us at the job completion. We charge 3% surcharge on the credit cards.
    • 27. 50% non-refundable deposit will be required in advance if the client has cancelled without notification and calls us later to rebook.
    • 28. Stains on Carpet : There is possibility that some stubborn stains may not be removed while performing carpet & upholstery steam cleaning. Damage can be done to the carpet by the occupier of the property by not cleaning it on regular basis, so there are limitations with what can be achieved depending on the condition of the carpet.
    • 29. Pre-Vaccuming : The steam cleaning quote given does not include carpet pre-vaccuming. We charge $10 per standard size room for vacuuming or more if there is any pet hair present. If the customer takes the responsibility for pre-vacuuming of the carpet before steam cleaning to avoid extra charges then it has to be done well. If it is not done well then it will reflect in our carpet steam cleaning quality.
    • 30. Pet Hair: Melbourne Vacate and Carpet Cleaning do not guarantee 100% removal of pet hair. If the owner does not vacuum the carpet regularly then the hair gets penetrated into carpet fibers which can be very hard to remove and hence hard to achieve 100% results.
    • 31. No Lift : Extra charges will apply in situations where it is difficult to access the property or If heavy carpet cleaning equipment has to be carried to the higher floor levels without any lift. Please notify at the time of quote if your place is located on 2nd floor or above and has no lift or is harder/tricky to access.
    • 32. Parking MUST be provided & paid for jobs located in CBD & everywhere else if necessary.1) If we can't find a suitable parking near the property then MVACC reserves the right to walk away from the job as we are unable to perform the service.
    • 33. Behaviour : If the customer is rude or aggressive towards our staff members or if the house is extremely grubby and we believe that we can not bring it back to the agent's satisfaction level or back it up with our 100% satisfaction guarantee then MVACC reserves all the right to walk away from the job.
    • 34. Discoloured : We only use standard cleaning chemicals designed by Australian standards to clean kitchens and bathrooms. If you have baked food and splashes and grime and grease in your kitchen around the knobs, oven and stove tops then you might notice some imperfections after cleaning which you might not have noticed before. MVACC does not take any responsibility for discoloration or any thing that might appear as imperfect after cleaning due to not maintaining the property.
    • 35. Window cleaning is not included in our vacate cleaning services. We charge $10 per standard size window about 1mx2m long. We will only clean windows which are accessible with the step ladder using hands. Also, we might skip some windows where fly-screens are hard to remove or hard to put back. Please notify us if the windows are made up of number of little panels, as this will impact the quote.
    • 36. Fly Screens : We do quick dusting only on easily removable fly screens. A separate quote can be given for this.
    • 37. If we perform one-off cleaning, spring cleaning, regular cleaning or vacate cleaning of fully furnished place then its customer's responsibility to make all the areas accessible for cleaning.
    • 38. Rectifying Issues : It is not common practice for us to go back and re clean things as we always try to do good quality clean the very first time. But if there are any issues then please notify us as soon as you can with photos. We will attend the property within 7 working days. Someone has to meet us at the property as per our availability to provide us access to the property. 2) Please note that we will only make 1 visit to the property, all the issues must be addressed during this visit else minimum charges will apply to re-attend the property.
    • 39. Kitchen: We don’t clean any unsealed area on top of the cupboards/ cabinetry.